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October 2017, Vol. 1, No. 7

Four ways to break through mobile business strategy barriers

Many mobile efforts are doomed before they get started because organizations dive into the technology before defining how mobile will help the business. Remember, a mobile business strategy isn't a separate IT island; it is a critical component of every application and service a company designs. The most common barriers include misalignment with the company's goals, limited funding and lackluster adoption. Move beyond PC processes Making an existing application or workflow mobile friendly, but failing to extend beyond that initial effort, often leads to failure. Replicating today's PC systems on new form factors isn't enough to deliver better business outcomes. For example, a responsive website is still just a website. That kind of effort doesn't add new features, simplify information gathering or decrease the time it takes to accomplish a task. A successful mobile business strategy starts by minimizing friction in information flow and making existing processes more efficient. From there, it should evolve into creating new ...

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