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July/August 2017, Vol. 1, No. 5

Is enterprise collaboration software good for business?

Enterprise collaboration software allows employees to message one another, share documents and data, and engage with other parts of the business. Executives can use these tools to filter down important news and information to workers, and groups can create isolated channels in many of these offerings that allow them to work better together. Here, four IT professionals share the benefits they see in enterprise collaboration software, which products they use and why. Michael Thompson systems engineer, managed services provider Microsoft Teams has been very important. We use a lot of Planner, [a tool for assigning tasks and keeping track of progress]. One of the places we do managed services for is a pretty heavy Slack user, and they're thinking about Microsoft Teams. It's a great competitor because it has channels and a lot of the things Slack has, too. It's strictly a cost move: They're already an Office 365 customer, so why double dip? George Buhl network engineer, Siroonian Technologies George Buhl I have used Google Docs when ...

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