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May 2017, Vol. 1, No. 3

Mobile technology drives edge computing forward

With ample processing power; nearly ubiquitous connectivity; and new data sources such as GPS, cameras and sensors, mobility has redefined edge computing. In previous years, the networking and telecom industry constantly debated how much intelligence should reside at the edge -- that is, how much data should be processed as close as possible to its original source. It wasn't possible to handle a majority of data locally, however, because endpoints weren't powerful enough to operate on their own. Today's edge computing doesn't assume a set of dumb devices that require a connection to a central location. The internet of things (IoT) promises to add even more connected devices and sensors to the mix, giving organizations more opportunities to take advantage of edge computing. Analytics, security and business process reinvention will be the keys to these new IT strategies. Analyze this Mobile and IoT devices create large volumes of data. To turn this data into useful information, IT needs to determine where to store and analyze it. ...

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