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The complete Apple iOS guide for IT administrators

Apple iOS has become a legitimate enterprise option. IT admins must know about its security capabilities and how to manage devices. Developers should also learn the ins and outs of iOS app development.


As Apple shifts its focus toward the enterprise, with better security features and simpler mobile device management, it's high time for IT departments to learn about the operating system.

The company has made a concerted effort to appeal to enterprise customers recently, including releasing the iPhone SE, which is the size of the iPhone 5 with the power of an iPhone 6. The smaller phone is cheaper and more portable, which Apple hopes will appeal to businesses.

In this Apple iOS guide, find out what else the company is doing to make an enterprise name for itself, including the business potential of the Apple Watch, how iOS app development works and more.

1Dive into Apple iOS-

Apple iOS device management and security features

Just about everyone knows Apple devices run on iOS. The OS is slanting more and more toward the enterprise with more automation and better mobile device management (MDM). The operating system is also well-known for its quality security; in fact, many believe iOS's security is infallible. Well, think again. Dive into the rise of iOS in the enterprise with a closer look at iOS configuration profiles, security features and more.


Apple iOS 9 gets down to business

Apple iOS 9 includes better enterprise app distribution and app trust. It also offers automatic device enrollment program enrollment in conjunction with MDM. Continue Reading


Apple iOS 9 features aim to make the OS enterprise friendly

Apple continues to gain ground in the enterprise. More companies are providing iOS support as the OS adds management features such as VPN on demand and per-app VPN. Continue Reading


Keep in control with iOS configuration profiles

Using configuration profiles and the MDM protocol, administrators can have more control over users' Apple device settings. Continue Reading


Apple has iOS security on lockdown

IT experts sound off on why they support Apple's iOS data protection capabilities, as well as what makes iOS encryption and other security technologies so reliable. Continue Reading


Flexibility the focus in iOS security enhancements

Learn how iOS security features such as per-app VPNs and the Trust user interface can help IT manage iPhones and iPads. Continue Reading


How to protect iOS data

Apple devices are just as vulnerable to security risks as any other enterprise device. To protect them, IT must keep the operating system and apps up to date, enable encryption and more. Continue Reading


Spotlight on iOS data protection

Even Apple's renowned security can be thwarted, but IT has several options to maximize iOS data protection, including replacing outdated devices. Continue Reading

2Cheat sheet to iOS app dev-

App development

Because iOS devices are more prominent than ever in the enterprise, developers must know how to create apps for Apple's devices. And because Apple is strict about what apps can run on its OS, there is a lot to know. Take on some of this important information with an iOS app development cheat sheet, and learn how the company's partnership with IBM simplifies the entire development process.


Apple iOS application development cheat sheet

Developing apps for iOS devices is not easy. There is a lot of red tape to jump through and a variety of methods for deploying the apps. Continue Reading


Dive into iOS app development

To build successful apps for Apple devices, developers must know the ins and outs of iOS application development, from Xcode to Swift and more. Continue Reading


IBM exec talks value of Apple partnership

The Apple and IBM union brought support for the open source Swift language to the cloud, which makes life easier for developers who have to build server-side iOS apps. Continue Reading

3A look at Apple's endpoints-

Explore iOS devices

The iPad and the iPhone dominate the tablet and smartphone markets. Never a company to rest on its laurels, Apple continues to churn out new devices. The iPhone 6s, for example, brings a faster TouchID fingerprint sensor to the table. After releasing increasingly larger devices, Apple backtracked a bit with the smaller iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which both have enterprise potential. Apple MDM, with its DEP, is also important to keep in mind.


New features make the iPhone a fit for business users

New iPhone features such as 3D Touch and 4K video differentiate the latest iterations of the smartphone juggernaut from their predecessors. Continue Reading


Live Photos and 3D Touch take iPhones to new heights

Apple's newest iPhones stick out from the pack, with a stronger chipset and front camera shooter. Continue Reading


An inside look at Apple's iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, with its large display and powerful processor, may appeal to enterprise users, but it comes with some cons -- no USB input or SD card slot. Continue Reading


Smaller could be better for Apple in the enterprise

The new smaller and cheaper iPhone SE and iPad Pro could have more companies turning to Apple for business needs, says GroundControl's Aaron Freimark. Continue Reading

4Apple Watch in the enterprise-

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may not have been the first smartwatch on the market, but it certainly made the biggest splash. That doesn't mean it has a place in the business world, though. At this point it is essentially a sidekick to an iPhone or iPad, but with a litany of native apps and third parties scrambling to build apps for it, the wearable device could make a name for itself in the enterprise before long.

Photo Story

Apple Watch's enterprise pros and cons

Apple Watch benefits for enterprise users include increased convenience and easy access to certain apps. But the watch needs an iOS device to function fully. Continue Reading


Apple Watch not quite business-ready

Apple Watch shows plenty of enterprise promise, but Apple and application developers must figure out how to optimize this new form factor for business users. Continue Reading


Explore Apple Watch apps

Wearables may not have taken off in the business world yet, but there are plenty of Apple Watch apps ready for work. Continue Reading


Apple Watch pop quiz

Many wonder if the Apple Watch will ever fit in the workplace. Take this quiz to learn what gives the wearable device enterprise viability. Continue Reading

5Key iOS terms to know-


A list of the important terms iOS admins should know.

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