Smartphone, tablet and laptop buying guide for businesses

Last updated:April 2014

Editor's note

Endpoint device purchasing is a complex endeavor in the mobile era. PC refresh cycles are still a part of the process, but corporate buyers now must consider smartphones and tablets as well.

There's no shortage of manufacturers pumping out PCs, mobile devices and hybrids with various operating systems. Cost, usability and software availability all factor into the decision-making process, but where should evaluations start?

This smartphone, tablet and laptop buying guide offers in-depth advice to help get your search off the ground. We regularly compile PC and mobile device reviews from our colleagues at NotebookReview, Brighthand and TabletPCReview and update this guide with the most important information for business buyers.

1Apple OS and device reviews

Apple is extremely popular with consumers because it integrates with other services, devices and applications that they already use. The company has built up its enterprise features over the years, however, and now offers iOS 7 with more IT management tools than ever. Learn about Apple iOS and the company's many smartphones and tablets.

2Laptop buying guide

Now that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP, more IT buyers may at least take a gander at Windows 8.1. Those that do will find a plethora of options, from more traditional PCs by the usual OEM suspects to the tablet/PC hybrid Surface 2 made by Microsoft itself.