Lock down enterprise mobility and security

Last updated:June 2017

Editor's note

On a sunny day, everyone knows that they should put on sunscreen, but that doesn't mean they do it. Users follow the same mindset when it comes to enterprise mobility and security.

Cyberattacks can beat down on mobile data like UV rays. Most companies will apply one layer of defense and often forget to set automatic security updates, leaving their corporate data open to attacks, vulnerabilities and other forms of data loss or leakage. IT has to make sure some common enterprise mobility and security best practices are in place.

All companies should have basic security coverage, such as protecting mobile data with backup and using encryption. From there, IT can move to more advanced methods, such as implementing enterprise mobility management tools and containers -- isolated systems that apply security policies to keep corporate data separate from personal -- to protect information on mobile devices.

Are you an enterprise mobility and security expert already? Quiz yourself with the comprehensive list to test your brain power.

1SPF 75 mobile data protection

When minimum security is still leaving companies burned, it is a good idea to apply more defenses. Enhance mobile data protection by using containers to lock down corporate data on a user's device or implement enterprise mobility management to control devices companywide. Some businesses may see the best results using a layered mobile security strategy.

2Next-level mobile data security

Think you are a level 10 mobile data protection master? Test what you just learned here with this mobile security quiz. From taking advantage of biometrics to securing data at rest, there is always something new to learn.