Comprehensive mobile app development guide

Last updated:June 2016

Editor's note

Mobile application development is challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right method to mobilize business processes.

The market is littered with tools to help organizations develop mobile apps, from mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) to app refactoring to mobile application development platforms (MADPs). Keeping track of everything can be a nightmare. This mobile app development guide brings all that to light, including how to pick the right development tools, how to work with cross-platform offerings and the new role IT must play in application development.

1Everything you need to know about MADPs

MADPs take a lot of the hassle out of mobile app development by allowing developers, or even non-developers, to quickly build apps using templates and recyclable code. Despite the simplicity MADPs bring to the table, it's important to know what a good provider looks like and the potential issues. For example, developers cannot fully customize MADP apps like they can with apps they build from scratch.

2Learn the value of MBaaS

MBaaS is another mobile application development option that eases the burden on developers and IT. Using unified application programming interfaces and software developer's kits, MBaaS provides mobile apps with access to the back-end infrastructure and resources they need to run. Developers can also take existing code from the cloud to include common features such as push notifications in their apps. As a result, developers can really focus on providing a solid user experience.

3Show off your mobile app development knowledge