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Authentication blues? Consider cloud identity management

Learn tips and tools for implementing cloud-based authentication and identity management.


The rise of the cloud and the decline of Active Directory have changed the identity management and authentication game. And with more mobile devices coming into the enterprise -- where employees can access corporate data anywhere, anytime -- security administrators have their work cut out for them.

Cloud-based identity management and authentication services can provide a simple and secure strategy that also preserves scalability. Get tips for implementing cloud identity management and some popular tools to shore up your security in this Essential Guide.

1Pros and cons-

Why choose cloud identity management?

Cloud-based identity management and authentication services help you alleviate some of the nitty-gritty ID management tasks. Plus, Active Directory just doesn't do the trick anymore. You need more advanced services to take control of employees' access to corporate information. Cloud-based tools allow you to have high availability of authentication methods, but some IT pros have concerns about the security of personal ID information in the cloud.


Cloud, mobile up the ante for identity and access management

An identity and access management strategy has become more essential for enterprises now that data resides in the cloud and on mobile devices. Continue Reading


Identity management guide for CIOs

Identity management is a vital part of locking down information systems. This CIO briefing provides a baseline for admins looking to bone up on their identity management basics. Continue Reading


Active Directory deficient for consumerization ID management

Popularity of BYOD and cloud in the enterprise has made it clear that Active Directory just isn't enough to handle secure identity management anymore. Continue Reading


Controlling identity management in a SaaS world

When adopting SaaS and other cloud services, it's important to have a game plan for how you'll approach identity management. Determine authentication and app requirements before you start. Continue Reading


Managing mobile authentication methods

Access to apps and data on mobile devices play a key role in your cloud identity management strategy. Learn how to manage identity and authentication on these devices with access controls, smart cards and more. Continue Reading

2Tips and tools-

Implementing cloud ID management

If it turns out that cloud-based identity management is right for your organization, there are plenty of methods and tools out there to help you put it into action. Learn about different vendor options and ways to provide access control and identity checks through the cloud.


SaaS tools fill identity management void

Using cloud-based identity management doesn't necessarily take Active Directory out of play. Read up on SaaS tools that integrate with Active Directory to help you make the transition to cloud. Continue Reading


Options for cloud authentication and identity management services

Since Active Directory alone is no longer suitable for identity management, take a look at some cloud-based authentication tools out there. Examples include Amazon IAM and Google Account. Continue Reading


IDaaS sends identity management tools to the cloud

Concerns over cloud security keep some admins from using cloud identity management. Find out how to pick the right vendor to alleviate those concerns. Continue Reading


Cloud app success and end-user identity management

With the increasing success of cloud apps in the enterprise, centralized records of personal online profiles -- similar to roaming profiles -- could make it easier to secure mobile employees. Continue Reading


Comparing smartphone biometrics

Aside from cloud-based options, biometric authentication can be an important step in identity management. Read the pros and cons of three methods of biometric authentication. Continue Reading

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