Apple enterprise features for managing iOS devices

Last updated:July 2013

Editor's note

Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad began as consumer gadgets, but as they've made their way into the workplace, Apple has responded with some enterprise-friendly features.

There are tools that ease mobile printing pains, help devices and apps discover one another on corporate networks, and make deploying configuration and mobile device management (MDM) settings a little easier. Apple enterprise tools aren't perfect, and they don't offer complete security or management options on their own, but they are a step in the right direction. IT administrators should look to the enterprise tools and features that Apple supplies as supplements to other management options.

1Putting Apple tools to use

Now that you know the Apple enterprise tools that are at your disposal, it's time to learn how to use them for the management of iOS devices in the enterprise. Whether the devices that are coming through your office doors are corporate or personally owned, Apple's tools offer some ways to improve workers' productivity and mobility. Keep in mind, however, that none of the tools are a panacea for the problems that iOS devices bring to the workplace.