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March 2016

What wearable computing devices mean for IT admins

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Wearables and the Internet of Things have created new endpoints for IT departments to manage and secure. These devices also present opportunities for workers to conduct business in productive new ways. Hospitals can use wearables to monitor patients and track down nurses on rounds. Technicians that need hands-free access to schematics, instructions or other visuals can use smart glasses to see what they're working on at the same time.

For now, there aren't many use cases for wearables in traditional office settings. IT administrators can use this calm before the (potential) storm to brush up on how wearables work and what management issues they're up against. Many wearable devices are linked to users' smartphones, so they fall under the umbrella of mobile device policies and management. But there are still a couple of questions companies must ask: How does IT manage a user's smartwatch, and should it?

About The Author

Ben Cole - Executive Editor

Ben Cole is executive editor, overseeing SearchBusinessAnalytics...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Wearable computing devices could have enterprise prospects
  • Mobile device management policies must include wearables
  • Prepare for WYOD management and security challenges

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