ID management 101: A primer for IT

How an ID management system simplifies mobile security

Believe it or not, journalists and IT administrators have a lot in common. It all comes down to the five W's: who, what, where, when and why.

Just as the five W's help news reporters learn how to relay critical information in their stories, they also come in handy for IT professionals faced with identity management challenges. Administrators need to know who users are, what they need to access, where they are logging in from, when they're logging in and why. Some of this information may seem like a given, but with the constant threat of cyberattacks and data leaks, IT pros can never be too careful.

Reporters have to be ready to cover news when it breaks; likewise, when it comes to security, an IT administrators' work is never really done. But with an identity management (ID management) system in place, admins just may be able to rest a little easier.

ID management system tools give IT admins granular control over what users can access on the company network, on what device, at which time and from which location. And the right ID management system can save companies time and money by reducing redundant effort from admins and dedicated security teams.

In this handbook, learn more about what an ID management system has to offer and how it can help IT admins safeguard sensitive data while still giving mobile workers the access they need to do their jobs.  At the very least, an ID management system can answer the five W's for IT admins, making the tough task of protecting company data a little bit easier.