Explore the latest enterprise mobile security technology

Mobile security tools keep the enterprise garden evergreen

I am by no means a master gardener. When my father visited my house and pointed out that what I thought were tall, pretty yellow flowers in my yard were actually weeds, I was a bit heartbroken and horrified. The plants may have been pleasing to the eye, but they were actually doing more harm than good.

And without the right gardening tools to take them down, the weeds would only continue to flourish, compromising the rest of the yard.

IT professionals can avoid similar heartbreak and horror in the enterprise by having the right mobile security tools at hand to weed out potential threats, from hackers to malware, that are always lurking. Mobile device management is one way to keep smartphones and tablets secure. But as threats continue to evolve, IT may need to add some new mobile security tools to the enterprise toolbox.

This handbook explores the latest ways to protect corporate data and devices. Our contributing writers take a look at mobile application and content management, identity and access management, threat intelligence and analytics, and other technologies available today. These tools, many of which integrate with other existing technologies, allow IT to have more granular control over enterprise mobile security.

Once you see where your company's mobile security strategy might be lacking, grab some tools, and keep employee's devices and data from getting choked by any "weeds." Having the right strategy in place can help your organization prevent mobile security threats from growing too large to control.