wireless Web

The wireless Web refers to use of the World Wide Web through a wireless device, such as a cellular telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Wireless Web connection provides anytime/anywhere connection to e-mail, mobile banking, instant messaging, weather and travel information, and other services. In general, sites aiming to accommodate wireless users must provide services in a format displayable on typically small wireless devices. It is estimated that 95% of wireless Internet devices being manufactured today use the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) developed by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet (now for presenting content.

The wireless Web is not gaining in popularity as quickly as some have predicted. The low bandwidth of today's wireless service, relatively high usage charges, and small and difficult-to-use input and output devices contribute to impeding growth, a condition that has been referred to as "wapathy" (WAP apathy).

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