push voice

Push Voice is a service that enables functionality normally associated with PBX-based phone systems for cellular phones or other mobile handsets. This capacity helps to integrate mobile handsets with corporate communications systems.

Added functions may include:

  • call monitoring
  • multiple voice mail message types and handling
  • speed dialing, possibly with access to a shared, organizational phone directory
  • call flows
  • conferencing
  • rich voice mail communications
  • unified communications, enabling (for example) voice capability for email
  • direct dial into corporate call centers
  • tracking for cost monitoring, audit and compliance records
  • immediate use of company extensions and phone numbers
  • use of leased lines and negotiated calling rates.

According to Jack Gold, founder of J.Gold Associates, a Northborough, Mass.-based research and advisory firm, roughly 75% of enterprise workers are mobile at least 25% of the time. "Most communications in business today are still via phone, especially with a mobile device," Gold said.

This was last updated in November 2007

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