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What is mobile search?

Mobile search is the practice of querying a search engine from an Internet-connected handheld device, such as a smart phone.

The types of information that users search for on mobile devices is typically different from computer-based searches. Users are much more likely to be conducting local searches for information specific to the area they're connecting from. Other mobile searches are generally seeking quick results, such as sports scores, rather than extensive content about a given subject.

Mobile search is a significant and growing segment of the mobile marketing industry. The Kelsey Group, a marketing research company, predicted that mobile search marketing will account for 73% of the industry by 2013, up from 24% in 2008.

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Mobile search, whether generated from a keyboard or Dragon (or any voice recognition system from Siri to Cortana) is absolutely essential for my business. While we like to think we're really smart and have great resources at hand, there's nothing as good as an instant connection to the entire universe of knowledge.

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