mobile platform as a service (MPaaS)

Mobile Platform as a Service (mPaaS) is the paid provision of an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for the creation of Mobile apps.

Typically, no coding skill is required. An mPaaS IDE usually features an object-oriented drag-and-drop interface to simplify development of HTML5 or native apps with direct access to a device’s sensors, GPS, accelerometer, camera, microphone and other functions. MPaaS often supports multiple mobile operating systems.

Delivered over the Web through a browser, mPaaS may support public cloud, private cloud and on-premise storage. Web apps can be created and then connected to back ends with a few lines of code. mPaaS is generally a leased service with pricing per month that varies according to the number of devices and supported features.

Enterprises often use mPaaS to create custom applications for both internal and customer-facing use. This capacity can help support a BYOD (bring your own device) environment and productivity apps without requiring mobile app developers and extra IT for support.


This was last updated in August 2015

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