mobile application development platform (MADP)

A mobile application development platform (MADP) is a type of software that allows a business to rapidly build, test and perhaps deploy mobile apps for smartphones or tablets. 

A business can either build its own mobile application development platform or buy one of the many third-party products available on the market. The MADPs that third-party vendors sell typically include features such as mobile backend as a service (BaaS), front-end development tools and management tools for application programming interfaces (APIs). A MADP may also provide nativeweb and hybrid app development capabilities, as well as mobile application management (MAM) tools for deploying and securing apps.

The term MADP is generally credited to the research firm, Gartner. It seems to have replaced two other terms introduced by Gartner, mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) and mobile consumer application platform (MCAP).

Major vendors and products

MADP providers include Appcelerator, Appzillon, Apple Xcode, Android Studio, Kinvey, Kony, OutSystems, Telerik, Salesforce, Microsoft's Xamarin and Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.

In this webcast, Kurt Marko, analyst at MarkoInsights, explains the importance of mobile apps and the competitive advantages of mobile.

Kinvey offers cross-platform development for both iOS and Android, while Apple Xcode and Android Studio only build apps in their respective environments. The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform is an open source offering and allows users to build and deploy apps in an Agile environment.

Of these vendors, Kony is notable for being the only one Gartner has recognized in its Magic Quadrant as a leader among MADP providers for five years in a row.

What to look for in a mobile app development platform

Organizations should consider several factors when selecting a mobile app development platform, depending on the type of applications they want to build and whether or not they need to be able to customize them.

The best mobile application development platforms should allow developers to build, test, debug, deploy and maintain apps throughout the applications' lifecycles. MADPs should also have extensive middleware and back-end services that deliver key features, such as push notifications, authentication and data storage.

Developers must also choose between cloud-based or on-premises services, although some MADP vendors offer both. Another consideration is whether to use a codeless or low-code MADP, which don't require developers to have any knowledge of complex code, leading to the rise of what's known as the citizen developer.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile app development is the process of building hybrid or native apps that can run on multiple operating systems. A cross-platform tool automatically generates a code for the target operating system, and developers can create a single code base from that.

Developers can choose between different approaches to cross-platform app development, including hybrid mobile app development and rapid mobile app development (RMAD) or codeless mobile app development. Low-code or no-code tools may appeal to organizations that can't afford to hire developers; however, these options don't allow for as much control or customization.

This was last updated in September 2017

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What does your organization use to develop and deploy mobile apps?
We understand that custom mobile app development tools are quite efficient, however each one of them have some limitation. While considering pros and cons of each of them, what I make-out is to use native app development platforms or at the max cross-development platforms like xamarin to develop custom mobile apps.

What this does is gives you flexibility to develop application of any scale with unlimited options to add necessary features.
The selection of mobile app development platform the type of application, targeted audience etc. According to me a best app platform should allow developers to build, test, debug, deploy and maintain apps throughout the applications' lifecycles.

Of course, many different kinds of mobile devices are available. A mobile application development platform, or MADP, can help speed up development considerably. Typically, these platforms give developers the ability to create an app once and deploy it to multiple devices. It’s obvious that using an MADP offers advantages over having to code the same application many times for all the different devices on which it might get used.


With an ever increasing demand for mobile Apps, enterprises are adopting mobile applications development platforms (MADPs) for accelerating the pace of development. MADPs expedite mobile application development for developers by providing them an integrated framework for designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining their mobile applications.

According to Gartner “by 2020, more than 75% of enterprises will have adopted at least one mobile application development platform to accelerate their digital business transformation strategy, up from approximately 33% in 2015.”

actually I know that application development platforms are made to help you build business apps faster and easier! one of such platforms is this one - I think developing is all about simplification and optimization. so what can better than an app that doen't need any coder
In this article, You explain very carefully about mobile application development platform. But an experienced app developer doesn't look for the best development framework. He can work on all framework, It depends on his knowledge.
Wow, Great. Such a nice. It clears my concepts about app development atlanta. Really great. Thanks for sharing.