enterprise app store (enterprise application store)

Contributor(s): Colin Steele

An enterprise app store is a web portal or mobile app through which end users can access, download and install corporate-approved software applications.

The idea of an enterprise application store arose in response to consumer-oriented app stores, such as Apple's App Store and Google Play. By deploying corporate software through an app store, an information technology (IT) department can manage desktop, mobile, cloud and Web app software licenses (EULAs) and maintain a level of control over security.

Many vendors, such as Symantec, VMware and Citrix Systems, offer products designed to help organizations create an enterprise application store. An organization could also build its own enterprise app store in-house.

This was last updated in June 2012

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I would add that an enterprise App Store is focus in securing access to the data and respect user privacy (BYOD policy). This is Mobile Application Management (MAM with editors such as in opposition to Mobile Device Managment (MDM) with editors such as Citrix, VMWare or Symantec as you mentionned. MDM are focus on securing and controlling the device (no matter if it belong to the company or the user). Which is true is MDM editors are now trying to offer MAM services.
Big players such as GE, CDW, SAP, and Deloitte have their own internally managed stores. The main attraction of having an enterprise app store is the ability to support multiple platforms and deeper security options. The trend is catching on at a faster pace among organizations that support BYOD and a wide range of mobile apps. What are the other implications of having an app store in your enterprise? Read here: