digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB)

Digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) is a method of multicasting multimedia content to mobile and portable devices, such as cell phones, by satellite or terrestrial services, or a combination of the two. Some DMB-capable receiving devices can render content that is individualized to the location or subscriber.

Common examples of multimedia broadcast content include:

  • Text and audio
  • Text, audio, and still or animated graphics
  • Audio and full-motion video
  • Text, audio, and full-motion video
  • Multiple, concurrent display areas, images, or programs

The most popular application of DMB is mobile television. Movies, video clips, music, RSS feeds, and text messages can also be transmitted. Most existing and proposed DMB services operate on a fee-based subscription basis, although advertising has been suggested as a revenue source. A free state-operated DMB service is available in South Korea.

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