cloud drive

A cloud drive is a Web-based service that provides storage space on a remote server.

Cloud drives, which are accessed over the Internet with client-side software, are useful for backing up files. A cloud drive provider may offer a limited amount of online storage space for free and additional storage space for a monthly or yearly fee. The name "cloud" is derived from the symbol for the Internet on flow charts. 

Cloud drives make it possible for a small business or individual to store and sync documents and other electronic media without having to purchase or maintain external hard drives or file servers. Cloud drive services are recommended for backups of 1 terabyte (TB) or less. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the servers, ensuring availability and providing easy access to the stored data. 

See also: cloud backup, cloud computing, online backup

This was last updated in April 2011

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I understand Cloud is a base for other apps to store your files, pics,etc., to. So the ICloud is an Apple based storage using the Cloud correct? Can ICloud be used on non-Apple products? I keep getting phone calls saying my ICloud has been compromised and to contact my Apple Support before I use it again. I don't answer calls from any unknown numbers so its the same recording but different 800 numbers and I believe they are scams. This cloud thing can be confusing.