In computer and telephone use, chucking is the process of discarding a small piece of hardware by violent means, such as hurling it out a window, against a wall, or into a body of water. The term can also apply to devices tossed into active fireplaces, camp fires, or brush fires. Any type of hardware can be chucked, but this solution is employed most often in cases where a cell phone user, disgusted with poor performance or inadequate coverage, comes for a brief moment to the conclusion that the device is the bane of life. A person who chucks a piece of hardware is called a chucker.

Chucking can be an expensive practice if it becomes habitual. A few vendors will honor the warranty of a chucked item if the warranty is still in force, but such benevolence is rare. A word of warning for chuckers: some cell phone batteries contain hazardous materials that require special treatment when disposed of, and some components can explode if incinerated.

This was last updated in May 2007

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