XenMobile Mail Manager

XenMobile Mail Manager is the secure mobile enterprise email component of Citrix's enterprise mobility management (EMM) offerings. 

Mail Manager provides secure access to corporate email for employees working outside of the office and simplifies access control and management.

The product is offered as an add-on to XenMobile and can provide further abilities such as:

  • Dynamic access control for Exchange Active Sync (EAS): EAS devices can be set to be automatically allowed or blocked access to Exchange services, allowing for changes to access as roles change.
  • Access to Exchange's EAS device partnership information for any managed mobile device.
  • Allows XenMobile to perform an EAS wipe on a lost device, resulting in a securely wiped device upon a reconnect attempt.
  • Provides the ability for XenMobile to access information about Blackberry devices and to perform control operations such as Wipe and ResetPassword

XenMobile Mail Manager has three main components:

Exchange ActiveSync Access Control Management, which communicates with XenMobile to check and merge Exchange ActiveSync device policies with local policies to set access rules.

Remote Powershell Management, which schedules and invokes remote PowerShell commands according to policies compiled by Exchange ActiveSync Access Control Management and detects new and changed ActiveSync devices.

Mobile Service Provider, which provides a Web service interface for XenMobile queries to Exchange Active Sync or BlackBerry devices and control commands like Wipe.

This was last updated in September 2015

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