VMware Unity Touch

VMware Unity Touch is software that provides a touch screen user interface (UI) for smartphones or tablets running Windows from a virtual machine (VM). It is likely that VMware Unity Touch gets its name from Unity, a VMware Workstation feature that makes a virtualized application behave as if it is running natively on its host machine.

Unity Touch allows end users to open folders, applications and documents by tapping icons, just as they would to open an app in the native mobile OS. In addition, the sidebar allows users to switch from working in one running application to another.

VMware developed Unity Touch under the codename Project AppShift and released the feature as part of Horizon View 5.2 in March 2013, along with iOS and Android clients.

Scott Davis, VMware CTO of End User Computing, demonstrates VMware's Unity Touch technology.

This was last updated in March 2013

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