VMware Horizon Suite

Contributor(s): Colin Steele

VMware Horizon Suite is a collection of products and technologies designed to help information technology (IT) administrators deliver desktops and applications and secure data on a variety of endpoint devices.

Horizon Suite is made up of three technologies:

  • Horizon View - VMware's desktop virtualization platform
  • Horizon Mirage - provides centralized image management for both physical and virtual desktops
  • Horizon Workspace - enterprise mobility management software that provides users with a single workspace for their data and applications, accessible from any device

Workspace pulls in the functionality of Horizon Application Manager, a tool for managing software access that was released in 2011; Horizon Data, a file-sharing application; and Horizon Mobile, a mobile virtualization and app wrapping tool.

VMware announced Horizon Suite at VMworld 2012 and released the product in February 2013.

This was last updated in July 2013

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hi there I am basically new to VMware and would like to know exactly what to do that is also the easiest and simple to setup to allow me to use my main computer to provide a vm to an older pc I have kicking around that basically isn't very good that I think will work better using a vm from another pc. I am new to VMware and am getting a little bit confused with all the VMware products that are out there it seems that one leads to another to another when trying to read up on how to do this
thanks. Rob