VMware Horizon Mobile

VMware Horizon Mobile is mobile virtualization and application wrapping software that lets IT administrators control corporate data and applications on end users' smartphones and tablets.

VMware Horizon Mobile for Android takes a mobile virtualization approach to managing and securing corporate data and applications. Using a hypervisor installed on the mobile device hardware, it creates a custom operating system onto which only IT-approved applications may be installed. All personal data and apps remain on the device's original operating system, untouched by IT, and the user may switch back and forth between the two operating systems as needed.

VMware Horizon Mobile for iOS takes an application wrapping approach, in which software added to the application enforces policies that determine how corporate apps, and the data they contain, can interact with a device's operating system or other apps.

Both technologies are part of the VMware Horizon Suite, which is scheduled to be released in 2013.

This was last updated in September 2012

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