VMware Horizon Application Manager

VMware Horizon Application Manager, also known as Horizon App Manager, is an enterprise service for managing access to software.

With VMware Horizon Application Manager, employees can use any Internet-capable device to access applications through a secure web portal. Essentially, Horizon App Manager extends an enterprise's directory services into the cloud and third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, allowing an IT administrator to enforce policies and security settings through Active Directory.

VMware Horizon Application Manager debuted as a cloud service in May 2011. With the release of version 1.5 in May 2012, VMware added an on-premises version. The product will be part of the VMware Horizon Suite, announced at VMworld 2012, which will also include Horizon Data (formerly Octopus) for cloud file-sharing and Horizon Mobile for mobile virtualization and application management.

In 2013, VMware released a new end-user computing platform called Horizon Suite, which took most of the Horizon Application Manager functionality and put it in a new product called Horizon Workspace.

Noah Wasmer, Director of Product Management at VMware, provides an overview of Horizon App Manager.

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