Lookout Mobile Security

Contributor(s): Colin Steele

Lookout Mobile Security is an anti-malware, data backup and remote management app for smartphones and tablets.

Lookout, Inc. makes the app for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. The Lookout Mobile Security Android and Kindle apps are the most full-featured. The Android version scans apps and files for viruses and spyware, protects against Web-based threats during browsing and lets users control which apps can access personal data. Other features include contact and photo backup, remote lock, remote wipe and GPS lost device location.  The iOS version does not provide security scanning.

Lookout Mobile Security is available for free to individual users. Lookout promotion efforts also target business customers in the mobile device management market.

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This video by ZeTechTic demonstrates many Lookout Mobile Security features.

This was last updated in August 2013

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