Contributor(s): Margaret Jones

CloudOn is a web-based collaboration tool that allows users to open, review and edit Microsoft Office documents on any computing device that has a Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser.

CloudOn integrates with cloud storage providers Box, Dropbox and Google Drive so that users can store and access Office documents from those services. For example, an end user could create a Word document on a corporate PC in the office, save it to a Dropbox account and then open the document later at home with an iPad CloudOn app, edit the document and re-save it to Dropbox.

Free and Pro versions of CloudOn are downloadable from Apple App or Google Play stores. The Pro version, which currently costs $7.99 per month, allows users to track changes in Word and provides more options for tables and art.

This was last updated in March 2014

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sounds odd... surely to edit an Office document MS are going to insist you (or the device) has an Office license?