Bluejacking is the practice of sending messages between mobile users using a Bluetooth wireless connection. People using Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and PDAs can send messages, including pictures, to any other user within a 10-meter or so range. Because such communications don't involve the carrier, they are free of charge, which may contribute to their appeal.

Bluetooth was created to enable wireless communications between various devices; the user can set a device to be inaccessible, accessible to a specific device (through a process known as pairing), or discoverable, that is, accessible to all devices in range. Although Bluejacking is, in and of itself, a legitimate activity, it has enabled a number of less innocent practices, including Bluesnarfing attacks, which involves theft of data from a mobile device, and reportedly a fad known as toothing, the practice of sending an invitation to nearby mobile device users for the purpose of setting up a quick sexual liaison.

This was last updated in September 2005

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