The BlackBerry is a smartphone that is widely used in the enterprise for its wireless email handling capability.

Other features that have made the BlackBerry popular in the enterprise include:

  • Superior reception.
  • Support for remote administration.
  • Message encryption.
  • Push email.
  • Built-in personal digital assistant (PDA) with an address book and personal schedule.
  • Can be configured for use as a pager.
  • Document management.
  • Support for multimedia and most communications modes, including Web browsing, text messaging and wireless faxing.

The BlackBerry was originally known as "LeapFrog." RIM consulted with Lexicon Branding Inc. to choose a new name. Someone at Lexicon suggested "Strawberry" because the tiny keys resembled the seeds on a strawberry. That idea was nixed, however, and "BlackBerry" was chosen as an alternative. The device is often referred to as the CrackBerry because of its compelling nature.

As of December 2008, BlackBerry subscribers numbered approximately 21 million.


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