Asia Cellular Satellite System (ACeS)

Asia Cellular Satellite System(ACeS) is a combined cellular telephone and satellite wireless system from Ericsson that provides digital communication service to mobile phone and computer users in the Asia Pacific Region. Adding satellite communication to the terrestrial Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication system, ACeS is billed as the first integrated satellite-GSM system in the world. Users with Ericsson dual-mode terminals will be able to roam within the region switching as necessary between cellular (local) service and satellite service.

ACeS is expected to be available in an area from Indonesia in the South; Papua, New Guinea in the East; Japan in the North; and Pakistan in the West, an area with a combined population of three billion. ACeS wilI make it possible for many people to have telecommunication services for the first time. ACeS has signed over 19 roaming service agreements with GSM operators.

ACeS subscribers are provided with a GSM subscriber identify module (SIM) and a network access code (which is a telephone number) that can be used outside the region or within the region when blockage of satellite signals occur (typically, by nearby buildings). GSM subscribers visiting the region can also reach other GSM services via satellite if they have an ACeS SIM and an ACeS terminal.

This was last updated in April 2005

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