Apple OS X Mavericks

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Apple OS X Mavericks is version 10.9 of the OS X computer operating system.

New features in OS X Mavericks include inactive memory compression, enhanced support for multiple displays and iCloud Keychain, a built-in password generation, storage and security application.

OS X Mavericks debuted at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2013. Mavericks is named after a famous surfing location in Northern California.It is the first version of OS X that is not named after a type of cat; previous versions included Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Tiger. The first version of OS X, Cheetah, debuted in 2001, replacing the original Macintosh operating system, Mac OS.

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Apple introduced the new OS X Maverick's at the World Wide Developer's Conference in 2013.

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I was told by Apple rep that Mavericks requires 4GB of RAM memory. My repaired Mac Pro 13" came with a new HDD 500 GB and software OS 10.9.2. I only have 2GB RAM. Is this possible...if I have an upgraded to Mavericks?

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