Apple Live Photos

Contributor(s): Eddie Lockhart

Apple Live Photos is a camera feature introduced on the iPhone 6s that captures sound and movement a second and a half before and after a photo is taken to create a video-like effect.

Made up of audio and still photos, Live Photos are not video files, but more like animated GIFs.  Every picture a user takes with an iPhone 6s running iOS 9 is a Live Photo. Live Photos are viewable across all Apple devices but do not work on any non-Apple devices, meaning that any iOS user can view a moving Live Photo no matter what OS version they have.

To make a Live Photo move, users simply tap on the picture. They can also set a Live Photo as the background on their iPhone’s home or lock screens. With iOS 9.1, Live Photos even detects when the user lower their camera and stops recording, so the feature doesn’t accidentally capture something the user doesn’t want to.

Instagram’s Boomerang is similar to Live Photos but only captures one second of video without audio. Boomerang photos work on any device. 

This was last updated in November 2015

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How could Live Photos be used in the enterprise?
Do these live photos take a lot of space to store? Meaning more than a standard photo but less than video ? The article states any version of iOS but didn't state if the new version of iOS9 is supported. Is iOS9 supported?
I'm unsure of the need for additional storage, but from a photographer's point of view - that's my other vocation - I like the additional views you can get from what used to be static content. In fact, these live photos will hopefully allow you to choose the best moment to capture when it comes to any event. Great for families, marketers, journalists and more.