How to assess and select enterprise file sync-and-sharing software

Last updated:July 2017

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Enterprise file sync and sharing is a well-established technology, but businesses are now beginning to see the benefits it can bring to their mobile users and environments. The growing presence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is altering the way that workers are accessing, sharing and collaborating on important files. Enterprise file sync-and-sharing software can help keep this business process moving by allowing users to securely share documents across mobile devices from remote locations so work can get done anytime, anywhere. The greatest benefit enterprise file sync and sharing brings to the enterprise is the flexibility it gives companies to protect their information with EFSS features, like authentication, access controls and data replication, among other capabilities.

An effective enterprise file sync-and-sharing platform should utilize the cloud, on premises or a hybrid environment. Buyers must take a close look at the options and what they offer in regards to primary business benefits, such as data security, user experience, storage, sharing, collaboration and file synchronization.

This guide will help prospective buyers learn:

  • what enterprise file sync-and-sharing tools can do for business;
  • the use cases for such technology;
  • what capabilities to look for when evaluating options; and
  • some of the notable vendors and products in the market.

With mobile technology growing more and more pervasive in the enterprise, suitable enterprise file sync-and-sharing software can utilize mobile devices better to achieve productivity in file-centric processes.

1The use cases and business need for enterprise file sync-and-sharing tools

Discover the different business uses where an organization would need to buy enterprise file sync-and-sharing software and how these products would address those specific needs.

2Enterprise file sync-and-sharing technology and the functions and features to consider

Learn about the notable functions and capabilities that EFSS software possesses and which of these features buyers should focus on when evaluating what tools would be most suitable for their organization.

3Analyzing and evaluating enterprise file sync-and-sharing tool options and their features

Learn about the enterprise file sync-and-sharing vendors in the market so IT buyers can select the product that best meets their organization's enterprise mobility needs.

4A rundown of the enterprise file sync-and-sharing vendors for the mobile environment

The EFSS market offers a diverse range of vendors for buyers to consider. Read this in-depth overview of the different products available -- their features, capabilities, versions and the buying and licensing options they offer.