Assess and select mobile app development platforms

Last updated:October 2017

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Mobile app development platforms help businesses build, deploy and manage mobile apps throughout their entire app lifecycle. They are comprehensive tools that can streamline the increasingly important process of developing apps, as well as control related costs if buyers choose them effectively and handle them efficiently.

Solid mobile app development platforms (MADPs) can fulfill important use cases for businesses:

  • release more apps to more OS platforms faster;
  • reduce development and implementation costs;
  • free up DevOps resources for high-priority projects;
  • enable internal workers to build their own apps; and
  • simplify integration with back-end technologies.

When considering prospective mobile app development platforms, developers must carefully assess these key features -- the OS support available, the cross-platform development capabilities, the app variety that it provides, the deployment method available, the level of coding skills that it would require and the development environment that it provides. A big factor is also whether a platform is cloud-based or installed on premises, as well as the number and type of apps that you want to install. Choosing the right platform is a big undertaking, so buyers should do their best to make the right choice the first time around to avoid switching tools after an installation.

This buyer's guide provides readers with the necessary information to sort through the very diverse and varying mobile app development platforms to determine the right platform for their enterprise, as well as which vendors offer the software they need to most effectively build and deploy mobile apps that help employees to better perform their jobs. The guide concludes with a detailed roundup of some prominent vendors in the ever-evolving MADP market.

1Make the case for a mobile app dev platform for your company

Learn about the different business uses where organizations would need to buy mobile app development platforms and how this product addresses those specific needs.

2How to choose a fitting mobile app dev platform for your company

Learn about the important features and capabilities that mobile app dev platforms possess and what buyers should look for when evaluating what platform would be most suitable for their company.

3Evaluate and compare leading mobile app dev platform vendors

Learn about the mobile app dev platforms available on the market so that you can select the product that benefits your organization the most.

4A closer look at major mobile app dev platforms

The MADP market offers a diverse range of vendors for buyers to consider. Read these in-depth overviews of the different mobile app dev platforms available -- their features, capabilities, versions and buying options available.