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  • Keeping up is hard to do

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 14 Oct 2015
  • It’s been an action-packed few months in the mobile world. Just a few days after returning from VMworld, I saw my Twitter feed blow up with the news of BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good Technology. ...

  • What a Dell-EMC-VMware merger would mean for the EUC market

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 09 Oct 2015
  • UPDATE (Oct. 12): Dell is officially buying EMC and VMware for $67 billion. Dell buying Citrix is old and busted. Dell buying EMC -- and possibly VMware -- is the new hotness. The Wall Street ...

  • Apple isn't everything

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 17 Sep 2015
  • I currently have no fewer than four Apple devices in my apartment. There’s my trusty iPhone 5 for everyday texting and Instagramming. There’s an iPad Air 2 permanently attached to the coffee table ...

  • IT gets schooled on Apple devices

    Eddie Lockhart - Site Editor 10 Sep 2015
  • Back-to-school season has me thinking about a common question kids face: What do you want to be when you grow up? Let’s go back in time to 2007 and imagine Apple’s iPhone on its first day of ...

  • The IT version of an NFL lockout

    Carl Setterlund - Associate Site Editor 03 Sep 2015
  • As the lead NFL reporter at ESPN, Adam Schefter is no stranger to breaking news, but it usually relates to injuries, trades and other transactions involving NFL teams and players. On Aug. 21, ...

  • How user experience monitoring can benefit help desks

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 25 Aug 2015
  • If there’s somethin’ strange in your mobile device, who you gonna call? The IT service desk. Because of the sheer number of mobile devices employees use for work these days, mobility-related help ...

  • Ready for anything at this year's VMworld

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 06 Aug 2015
  • VMworld is just a few weeks away, and it's never too early to start getting excited for all the networking, parties, boxed lunches, and of course, sessions that await us this year. So what can we ...

  • Say 'I do' to enterprise-approved file sharing

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 20 Jul 2015
  • I’m getting married next year, and there is so much information to keep track of during the planning process. To help, one of the first things I did was create a shared document in Google Drive – a ...

  • IT gets the app development assistance it needs

    Carl Setterlund - Associate Site Editor 16 Jul 2015
  • We often tout the rising importance of enterprise mobile applications without acknowledging that they don't grow on trees. Native app development is a complex and often expensive undertaking, and ...

  • The customer is always right

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 15 Jul 2015
  • A few weeks back, a colleague in our events department asked about expanding the audience for our Modern Mobility seminar series. Like in this e-zine, most of the seminar’s content focuses on ...

  • Goodbye SearchConsumerization, hello SearchMobileComputing

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 13 Jul 2015
  • Back in 2011, BYOD and the consumerization of IT were among the hottest trends in the tech industry. Employees used their own smartphones and tablets for work and set up personal cloud storage ...

  • Chromebooks for business gain steam

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 22 Jun 2015
  • BOSTON -- Chromebooks have cornered the education market, and Google has made moves to make these devices more business friendly over the past year. These simple, portable devices are big in ...