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  • BlackBerry, Citrix to join AppConfig Community

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 06 May 2016
  • Any successful effort to establish technology standards needs buy-in from all major stakeholders. The AppConfig Community, which aims to promote mobile application management standards, is about to ...

  • Adopt social collaboration tools with a purpose

    Eddie Lockhart - Site Editor 27 Apr 2016
  • When my brother and I were kids, and my father thought we were doing something particularly stupid -- like hiding all of my sister's Hungry Hungry Hippos marbles inside the base of a basketball ...

  • IBM and Amazon have mobile momentum

    Alyssa Provazza - Executive Editor 14 Apr 2016
  • As some of the top tech companies in the world continue to work together—and compete against each other—opportunities for mobile developers will flourish. IBM and Amazon are among the major ...