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Welcome to Modern Mobility

Enterprise mobility sure has changed a lot since terms like “BYOD” and “consumerization” burst onto the scene earlier this decade. Those were dark days, when everyone feared the employee-owned smartphones and tablets flooding the workplace. When heavy-handed technologies such as remote wipe and application blacklisting were IT’s only line of defense. When clunky desktop virtualization was the go-to method for putting corporate apps on mobile devices.

Today, there’s no shortage of employee-friendly tools that help businesses enable mobile productivity. Mobile application and content management help keep corporate data safe without hindering the user experience. And new development platforms make it less daunting to build easy-to-use, task-specific apps.

The promise of enterprise mobility — a more flexible, efficient and effective way to work — is finally achievable. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Technical challenges abound, from choosing the right tools to getting them all to work together. Market hype and misinformation complicate these decisions. And internal bureaucracy and resistance to change pose formidable roadblocks.

The new Modern Mobility e-zine is here to help IT professionals, business leaders and developers navigate these waters.

In each issue, we’ll cover the major trends facing organizations as they embrace mobility: building and managing apps, protecting sensitive data and adapting strategy and infrastructure to accommodate this new way of working. Expert columnists will share their advice and insights. You’ll hear from industry newsmakers, learn about emerging technologies and get a look at the hottest new devices.

This Modern Mobility blog will offer additional analysis and breaking news, and in our accompanying podcast, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at each e-zine issue from the people who put it together.

If you’ve seen the enterprise mobility light, we hope this new venture proves to be helpful, informative and thought-provoking. If you’re still hesitant (or even downright dismissive), we hope to ease your fears, answer your questions and open your eyes. Welcome to Modern Mobility.

This post originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.