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In 2012, Microsoft bet big on mobile. The company released Windows 8 with apps and a tile-based interface designed for touch devices — all in an attempt to ride the mobility wave that many experts predicted would take over the enterprise.

That complete takeover didn’t happen. Enterprise mobility technologies and strategies are still emerging, growing and changing. Microsoft readjusted two years ago with the release of Windows 10, which gave users an option between the tiles and the more traditional Start menu. It also offered the option to switch between touchscreen and keyboard-and-mouse interfaces and improved upon its enterprise security features and update plans.

Here at Access, we also recognize that business transformation is about more than just mobility. The desktop still plays a key role in most companies; the number of IT pros planning to upgrade to Windows 10 skyrocketed from 13.9% in 2015 to 40.6% in 2016, according to TechTarget’s 2016 IT Priorities Survey. And in their efforts to digitize more processes, organizations have adopted new workspace management tools, productivity applications and more.

With these technologies and more on the horizon, businesses are embracing end-user computing in myriad ways — and this new magazine will be right there with them. You may recognize familiar types of articles from the former Modern Mobility e-zine, such as deep dives into complex technologies, reviews of the latest endpoint devices and long-form features that tackle the industry’s biggest trends. You will also find new sections that rely even further on the voices of IT pros to share their end-user computing opinions, challenges and triumphs.

Like the path many businesses take when tackling EUC issues, it’s been an ever-evolving journey to formulate and execute our vision. As we open a new door to Access, we look forward to bringing you analysis and insights to help your organization better serve its end users.

This post originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Access Magazine.