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User empowerment the true goal of mobile enablement

For businesses today, there’s no getting around mobility. It’s a trend that has become an integral part of the way people live and work. As a result, it’s something IT administrators must take into consideration when keeping corporate assets secure.

There are plenty of software options that can help admins lock down corporate data that makes its way onto users’ laptops, smartphones and tablets. Most of that software falls under the umbrella of enterprise mobility management, or EMM. But leaving an entire mobile strategy in the clutches of device, application and content management systems is not enough. Empowering users to get their jobs done — how and where they want — is the real goal.

Users need access to applications and data, and providing that isn’t always easy for IT. Mobile apps from public app stores can help, but there are other options too. It doesn’t hurt to consider virtualization, refactoring or custom development for specialized, in-house applications. Users’ application and productivity needs must be at the heart of any approach.

To start crafting a mobile strategy that meets both user and business needs, get to know EMM’s capabilities and limitations in our new handbook, EMM: Only One Ingredient in the Mobile Enablement Stew (and don’t forget to keep applications on the front burner). The balancing act of giving workers the tools and freedom they need to be productive while securing corporate information will inevitably continue, but with a strong foundation, mobile initiatives can find success.