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Security completes the mobile DevOps trifecta

“Mobile DevOps” sounds like the result of a marketing brainstorming session.

Marketer 1: “What’s a hot technology these days?”

Marketer 2: “Mobile.”

Marketer 1: “OK, what else?”

Marketer 2: “DevOps.”

Marketer 1: “You know what would be even hotter? Mobile DevOps!” (Pats self on back)

In truth, however, mobile DevOps is an actual practice area that can help organizations embrace enterprise mobility and integrate it with back-end systems. The cover story in this month’s issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine offers an in-depth look at mobile DevOps and the benefits it can provide.

DevOps is an approach to enterprise technology that promotes the integration of development and operations staff. This integration makes it possible to develop apps more quickly, respond to user feedback more effectively and perform infrastructure tasks more efficiently through the use of automation — all essentials for any successful business in the mobile era.

DevOps does have its challenges, though, such as the traditional security team’’s reluctance to get involved. (Note that it’’s not called DevOpsSec.) As Brian Katz points out in the e-zine’s UX Factor column this month, making security part of the app development process is the key to achieving usability nirvana. Engage security too late, and the team will tack on protections that slow the app down and frustrate users. Don’t involve security at all, and risk exposing customer data or losing proprietary information.

Mobility and security don’t always play nice, understandably so. Mobile users want to access data from outside the firewall, on devices the employer doesn’t own, via apps the security team may have no visibility into. As you’ll learn as you read the April issue, no mobility initiative can truly succeed without tight cooperation among development, operations and security staff.

This post originally appeared in the April issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.