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Mobile application management untangles work, personal data

Personal mobile devices and applications are woven into the enterprise, and they have created a tangled web.

In many cases when workers use their own smartphones and tablets to access corporate resources, enterprise and consumer applications may be intertwined on the same device. Without the proper controls in place, I could screenshot a sensitive corporate document and post it on my Instagram account.

Luckily, there are ways IT administrators can play keep-away with enterprise apps and data. Mobile application management (MAM) lets admins containerize applications or wrap them with code to prevent them from interacting or sharing data with personal apps. MAM also lets IT control application lifecycles, licenses, deployment, patching and more, without exerting too much control over devices as a whole. For example, MAM makes it possible to wipe only a specific application’s data, rather than a user’s entire device. That means IT has fewer assets to worry about managing. And users don’t need to be concerned that IT can erase all their contacts and vacation pictures.

That makes MAM a great tool for companies looking to securely enable mobility. The new handbook, “Deploying and Managing Mobile Apps,” explains how and why IT should use MAM to control applications from start to finish.

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