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Mix DaaS and VDI for a tasty tech treat

Figuring out the “why” of DaaS and VDI is fairly straightforward. It’s the “how” that can cause trouble.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has been around for years now, but it’s gaining prominence in IT today because of its fixed costs and ease of use. Because DaaS providers handle the back-end infrastructure of their hosted virtual desktops, it makes things simpler for IT administrators. IT shops don’t need in-house expertise around VDI, and they have one throat to choke when something goes wrong.

But there are downsides to DaaS. Understanding Microsoft’s licensing model for virtual desktops is no walk in the park, and the same applies to licensing Windows desktops in the cloud. Additionally, the cloud-based nature of DaaS isn’t right for every shop; government and healthcare organizations have strict regulatory compliance rules that sometimes take DaaS off the table.

Choosing a virtual desktop approach doesn’t have to come down to a grudge match between DaaS and VDI. There are ways to make both technologies work in the same company, whether that means only hosting specific applications, or supporting a mix of cloud and on-premises virtual desktops based on users’ job roles. Once shops get the logistics squared away, they can take advantage of the myriad benefits of DaaS and VDI. Get the details on how in the new handbook, “DaaS and VDI Share the Sandbox.”

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