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IBM and Amazon have mobile momentum

As some of the top tech companies in the world continue to work together—and compete against each other—opportunities for mobile developers will flourish. IBM and Amazon are among the major enterprise technology vendors that have started to pay more attention to mobility, although they’re tackling the market from different angles.

Amazon is no stranger to mobile app development; its offerings include the Simple Notification Service, Mobile Analytics and identity management through Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cognito. And last year, the company launched its Mobile Hub portal for developers to build, test and deploy iOS and Android mobile apps through AWS.

With its MobileFirst Platform for enterprise app development and management, IBM has been in the game longer. In February, the company expanded its partnership with Apple to support Apple’s Swift programming language on its own Bluemix cloud development platform.

Support for Swift is something that other platform-as-a-service competitors, including Microsoft Azure’s Mobile App Service, just don’t have. And with Swift’s popularity gaining steam fast, it will be a key differentiator for IBM. AWS added support for Swift in March. Read more about the IBM Bluemix-Swift combo in this issue’s Trending article, by editor in chief Colin Steele.

Also in this issue, SearchAWS’s Beth Pariseau takes a look at Amazon’s potential as a major enterprise mobility player. Will it branch out beyond app development to compete with other mobility management and infrastructure vendors?

As you ponder that future, keep in mind IBM’s secret weapon: Watson. As the machine-learning technology matures over the next few years, we can expect to see IBM’s role in app development grow as well. The company has already said it plans to integrate Watson’s analytics with its iOS business apps.

This post originally appeared in the April issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.