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Goodbye SearchConsumerization, hello SearchMobileComputing

Back in 2011, BYOD and the consumerization of IT were among the hottest trends in the tech industry.

Employees used their own smartphones and tablets for work and set up personal cloud storage accounts to sync and share corporate documents. IT pros started freaking out about the security and compliance implications – and rightly so.

If you were one of those IT pros, and you turned to TechTarget for help, we didn’t make it easy on you. A lot of our sites covered bring your own device (BYOD) and consumerization, but there wasn’t one place to find it all. So in November of that year, we launched to offer one-stop shopping for news and expert advice about the influx of consumer technology in the enterprise.

A lot has changed in the past four years.

BYOD and consumerization have brought us to the point where smartphones and tablets are widely accepted enterprise computing devices. Security and compliance are still crucial, but we view these concerns in the context of enabling mobile workers to be more productive – not locking their devices down and shutting off their access. We recognize the importance of managing mobile devices, applications and data, but we know that’s merely table stakes these days.

Mobile computing is about giving end users the tools they need to do their jobs anywhere, at any time on any device. It’s about developing and delivering applications that improve business processes and streamline workflows. And it’s about providing access to corporate data and systems through a mobile-friendly infrastructure.

With this major shift in full effect, it no longer makes sense to focus on consumerization. So I’m happy to announce that we’re re-launching on July 16. Like SearchConsumerization, the new site will provide the latest news, analysis and how-to information about enterprise mobility management, mobile operating systems and application delivery. It will also expand its coverage into the mobile application development market and mobile infrastructure technologies.

Any SearchConsumerization articles you’ve bookmarked will automatically redirect to their new home on SearchMobileComputing, and if you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll continue to get that too. We look forward to bringing you the valuable information your business needs to succeed in the mobile era.