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'Do not be afraid' of going mobile

There are plenty of enterprise mobility management (EMM) services out there to enable mobile users in the workplace, but a management tool alone won’t cut it. There are many other factors IT administrators should consider to ensure corporate data security and a quality end-user experience.

Companies need thoughtful policies and strategies in place that reflect where mobile devices fit into the business structure and how end users plan to use them. Without considering those business goals and user needs first, enterprises risk becoming too focused on controlling mobility at the expense of truly empowering employees.

In the debut issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine, news writer Jake O’Donnell talked to national law firm Thompson and Knight LLP about mobile productivity. Ray Keeton, an IT admin at Thompson and Knight, said the firm tries to find the proper equilibrium between efficiency and content management for sensitive legal documents.

“All too often, IT shops become afraid because they hold on to that fear factor and they are afraid about doing something wrong,” Keeton said. “Do not be afraid.”

What part of the greater mobility puzzle is holding your organization back? Does your IT department use EMM with employee needs in mind? Share in the comments.

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