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Confessions of a mobile convert

I’m a fairly recent convert to the smartphone world. Now that I’m a few months in, I have to say, my smartphone and its apps are pretty helpful. On a recent business trip to an industry conference, my phone was invaluable. I used it to keep up with emails, check out what attendees were talking about on Twitter, and manage my session schedule through the conference app.

In the editorial department here at TechTarget, we deal mostly with Microsoft Word documents, and we don’t really have any special business processes. But if we did, you can bet I’d want an easy way to tackle those processes on the go. Most users just want a simple, intuitive way to accomplish the tasks on their to-do lists. Mobile apps that let workers do that can pay off for everyone. They make users happy and more productive, which can make their employers more money.

That said, the proposition of scaling a business process or application down for a mobile device is not to be taken lightly. When companies provide workers with frustrating, hard-to-use apps, workers are likely to find and use alternatives more to their liking. The money a company spends on licensing an app no one uses is a waste. On the flip side, building a user-friendly, task-specific application from scratch takes time, money and skills that many shops just don’t have.

It all comes down to the process that needs to be mobilized. What do workers need to do on their mobile devices, and what is the best way for them to accomplish those tasks? Our new handbook, “To Build or to Buy? That is the Mobile App Question,” helps answer those questions — which can help everyone accomplish their goals.

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