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Change the recipe for success

Enterprise mobility isn’t like rotisserie chicken. You can’t just set it and forget it.

Going mobile is an ongoing process. It doesn’t start with BYOD and end with enterprise mobility management. It requires a constant feedback loop, where business and IT leaders identify business processes that need improvement and implement technologies to streamline them in a user-friendly way.

Here at Modern Mobility, we’re approaching this magazine in much the same fashion. Over the next few months, you’ll see some changes aimed at improving and streamlining the reader experience.

Each issue will focus more on business leaders, IT professionals and developers, the challenges they face in the real world and the cutting-edge mobile technologies they’re using to get ahead. This month’s cover story kicks things off with the tale of Millar, a medical instruments manufacturer whose execs have embraced tablet/PC hybrid devices.

Mobile computing has led to a data explosion, and it’s not easy for organizations to make sense of all the new information at their disposal. Similarly, there’s no shortage of data about the mobile computing market itself, and sometimes it’s tough to decipher what it all means. Throughout the magazine, you’ll encounter more statistics, charts and images to explain the major trends occurring in the industry.

Finally, there’s no one way to embrace mobility, and it often requires experimentation to get right. The same holds true here. You’ll see some new article types, and you might not see some that you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s all in the name of serving our readers better.

So if we’re hitting our target (or missing the mark), let us know. Email me or senior managing editor Alyssa Wood, or reach out to @ModernMobility on Twitter. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

This post originally appeared in the June issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.