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CEO wants to 'make Citrix great again'

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Even though the Q&A in every issue of this magazine is called Face Time, we don’t actually have face time with most of the subjects. In fact, the interviews typically take place on a—gasp!—landline telephone.

This month’s Q&A is different. Kirill Tatarinov, Citrix’s new CEO, visited our office outside Boston, where we interviewed him in our podcast studio. Afterwards, he met with a group of TechTarget editors and reporters and spoke more about the issues facing the company.

“Our job is to make Citrix great again,” he said. “We must make our message cleaner.”

That message is that Citrix isn’t a competitor with today’s major technology ecosystem vendors: Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Google, Amazon and Apple. Instead, Tatarinov said, “Our job as a company is to make the tools and platforms that are part of those ecosystems better, and essentially be a provider of tools to those ecosystems.”

The former Microsoft exec also spoke about VMware, which leads Citrix in the enterprise mobility management market and has significantly caught up to Citrix in application and desktop delivery.

“Citrix was allowed to be disrupted in the past, and our job is to not be disrupted again,” he said. “Losing focus is never good for a business.”

Expect Tatarinov to share more details about Citrix’s four focus areas—XenDesktop and XenApp, Netscaler, XenMobile and ShareFile—at Synergy 2016, which kicks off later this month in Las Vegas.

This post originally appeared in the May issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.