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BlackBerry joins AppConfig Community (finally)

The AppConfig Community’s membership ranks continue to grow.

BlackBerry, newly freed from its hardware chains, has joined AppConfig, a vendor consortium that promotes the use of the built-in application management features in Apple iOS and Google Android. This blog first reported in May that BlackBerry planned to join.

Four other enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors — VMware AirWatch, IBM, MobileIron and JAMF Software — founded AppConfig earlier this year. SOTI, another player in the market, also joined this week. AirWatch announced the news at its annual user conference, AirWatch Connect, in Atlanta.

Citrix and Microsoft, who have strengthened their partnership in the mobility market over the past few months, are now the only major EMM vendors that don’t belong to AppConfig. Citrix was in talks to join the consortium earlier this year, and the company in August said it was still considering membership. A Citrix spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the company’s current plans.

The AppConfig Community also has more than 70 independent software vendor members who build apps with native OS-level application management in mind. Two of the largest remaining app refactoring vendors, PowWow Mobile and Capriza, recently joined as part of this group. App refactoring helps developers, IT administrators and even end users easily build mobile versions of desktop apps. So it makes sense that these vendors would want the apps created on their platforms to have the same management capabilities as other mobile apps.